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Advice From Strangers

The other day on Facebook, I asked “If you could give a pregnant stranger one piece of advice, what would it be?”
Every pregnant woman knows how it feels to get advice from someone they’ve never met before.
This is your chance to give pregnant women advice without seeing them look at you like they want to smack you. I happen to think this is all good advice…decide for yourself. In no particular order.


1. Read. Research! Put as much energy & time into educating yourself as one would put into picking a cell phone, computer, or car.

2. Follow your instincts.  Don’t listen to everyone else, listen to yourself. And enjoy it!! It can make you a stronger person and mom.

3. Try breastfeeding and get help from a lactation consultant right away. It is okay to ask for help.

4. Find out the difference between the midwifery model of care vs. the medical model.

5. Find out the difference between evidence based vs. statistics. HUGE difference.

6. Don’t concern yourself with the advice of strangers.

7. Enjoy being pregnant, they come out soon enough.


So what do you think? What would you add to the list? If you could give pregnant women advice what would you say?


One thought on “Advice From Strangers

  1. That’s great advice and lol about *if* we could give advice from strangers.

    I would add:

    *find a provider who you feel like “gets” you, respects you and listens to you.
    *don’t be afraid to switch providers…even if your 40 weeks. If you’ve got a bad feeling–huge indicator that something is off.
    *take responsibility for your decisions–don’t rely on your provider to tell you. Ask for their opinion and why and then ask other professionals & research yourself

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