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His Thoughts On Birth

This is a post my husband wrote back in July of 2010 on my other blog. These are his thoughts on birth and have not been edited in any way.

Before I met my wife I had opinions on home birth and natural parenting.
I always thought it was for “all natural people” that lived in some foreign country in a village in India or Africa where that type thing has been going on for generations.

I have always liked the idea of a water birth. In a hospital with a Doctor and medical staff.

We had planned for a natural birth with our first child, but we were not as informed as we were with our second.
With our first child we did the whole hospital thing.
Darcel was induced and went 20 hours on the pitocin before asking for the epidural.
The baby was born, taken away and put in the nursery, but that is all we knew back then.

After the subject of homebirth was brought up for our 2nd baby, I was not a fan…at all.
She brought home books and used the web for reference.
I came around after we talked to a few Midwives, and I became more educated about home birth..
As the time came for my daughter to be born I was still a little skeptical but we had a lot of great people, like our midwife and doula that where there for support.

My 2nd Daughter was born in the hallway in our Cleveland apartment.
Not what I thought home birth would be. It was great, just have a kid wherever is comfortable and start bonding without the florescent lights, people all over the place and the baby getting probed and scooped as soon as she is born. Let the baby breathe!

After that I was on board fully and I did not want our future children born in the hospital.
When we moved to Virginia and we found out she was preggo again I could not wait to have the baby.
I could not wait to be that much more involved again.

Through the home birth experience I have a NEW respect for my wife.
The Pain she must feel going through the whole process.
No Offense to any other woman out there, but for a woman to go through birth without any thing numbing her up is AMAZING!!!

With our son We where able to do the LONG awaited waterbirth in our dining room of all places. It was Like a dream come true. It was my FIRST son and he was born how I pictured.

I think Modern tech has made childbirth more of a business  than an experience for man, woman and child as it should be.

The differences between our hospital birth and our homebirths were like night and day.
With our first child the doctor induced my wife, and the experience was very impersonal.
It seemed like she was just another baby being born during a shift.
The biggest difference for me between hospital and home, is that the births at home were natural.
Nobody telling us what to do, and when to do it, or how.

If a woman experiences homebirth just ONCE she will never want to do it any other way.

How does your man feel about birth? Have his thoughts changed over time? Was her nervous, did he have an image of how the birth would/should go? What do you think of a His Thoughts on Birth Series? Many times we focus so much on the  woman and the man gets left out. I think it would be great to have several stories from the man’s point of view.
If you have man in your life that would like to share his thoughts on birth – email me themahoganyway{at}gmail{dot}com


3 thoughts on “His Thoughts On Birth

  1. Loved reading your husband’s perspective on this! My husband has been adamantly against a home birth with fears regarding the safety as well as not wanting to deal with cleanup. Once we received our son’s diagnosis of Down syndrome, I felt that we need to be at the hospital. I may not feel that way afterward, but time will tell. So far, Spencer has a healthy heart, but some things can’t be detected prenatally.

    I would have loved to have had a home birth somewhere along the way. (And yes, I assured him he would not have to do clean up, midwives would handle that while our family had bonding time.)

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