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How you can have the ‘Goddess Treatment’ aka ‘The Beyonce Treatment’ too

Beyonce gave birth to a baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter this past weekend. The world had been waiting on this arrival since she rubbed her belly on stage several months ago.
People were wondering, will she have a natural childbirth? Will she breastfeed?

Once the news came out, the nasty comments, tweets, and blog posts started. I posted this link on my FB page.
I haven’t found anything saying this did not happen. For that, I am sad that the hospital kept parents from seeing their children.

Still, why can’t women support each other instead of tearing each other down? We say such mean, hateful, and hurtful things to and about each other. It’s quite sad, really.

I’m thankful for these posts here….

This post from Sistah Midwife on Bey Bashing. My Brown Baby talks about Glory the song J wrote for his little girl. And Crunchy VT Mommy talks about all the judgey ladies. I highly suggest you read these posts, they’re pretty powerful.

Every pregnant and laboring mom is a goddess in my book. Pregnancy is beautiful, and so is giving birth!
So to truly feel like the star you are try some of these.


Do you wear makeup? Take a makeup kit to the hospital/birth center with you. If I have another kid I am totally putting on some makeup for a few pics. It makes me feel extra pretty.

Ask if you can have candles, low lights, and soft music in your room.

Buy yourself a new gown to wear during or after the birth.

Bring your favorite jewelry.

Hire a doula if you can, can’t afford one? Maybe you have a close friend, or family member you trust to be by your side. You can also find a doula who isn’t certified yet, but has been through training at a lower cost.

Thinking about homebirth? Then you can make your home exactly the way you want!

With my first, and second births, I had candles and music, and with the last Charles had played the sound of the waves during the last stage of labor for me.


These are just a few suggestions, but think of things that make you feel good, and see how you can incorporate them into your birthing experience.

You are beautiful, you are a Goddess, and you deserve to be treated like one! Especially during one of the most sacred times of your life.

What are your suggestions for feeling like a Goddess during birth?


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