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move your body during labor

With my first baby, I walked the halls for about an hour before being confined to the bed. I was confined to the bed because I was being induced.

Movement during labor is great for you and the baby. With my last two babies being able to move around freely made me feel more in control. Looking back to my first birth, I wish I would’ve had a birth ball. That way I would be upright off and on.

I never understood why they tell you not to sleep on your back during pregnancy, but keep you on your back during labor.

When your bouncing on the birth ball, squatting, walking, all of that works with gravity to aid your body in bringing the baby down.

It’s important to remember that there is no right or wrong way to move during labor. Hopefully you’ll feel free to move however you your body wants in the moment. There are videos of women singing and dancing in labor.

I found this website on the art and history of belly dancing. Belly Dancing as the Dance of Childbirth.

You’ll get to a point during labor where moving around may not feel as comfortable. You could try a hot shower, or a birth pool, lying on your left side, hands and knees. Did you know that the hands and knees position helps to open the pelvis an extra 30%?

I also found this informative website on positions for the easiest labor.

What about you? What positions felt most comfortable for you?

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