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A Twitter Homebirth After Cesarean

I got to be part of a #TwitterBirth! Well, not just me, anyone following this beautiful mama. This link takes you to a recent post with photos of her gorgeous maternity photo shoot. If you’re not on Twitter and wondering what in the world a #twitterbirth is, let me explain. Erykah Badu was the first ever. The # symbol and word behind it lets whoever is on Twitter follow that topic. Very cool.

The laboring mama, or someone from her birth team tweets what’s happening to those of us who want to follow along. The rest of us usually stalk the laboring mama’s timeline sending her our positive energy and laboring vibes.

People say that online relationships are fake and what’s the point. We always put down what we don’t understand, don’t we? What I saw last night were real people connecting online, cheering this mama on. Her birth team talked of how humbled and honored they were to be part of the experience. You could feel the excitement coming from her birth team.

I would do screen captures if I could figure it out on this tab, but you’ll have to settle for quotes for now.

One of the last tweets read momma sol exclaimed “I had a vaginal birth!” There were congratulations, women thanking her for being an inspiration for their upcoming VBAC’s – and Sol Mama herself said“thanks for all of the well wishes. my birth team was sharing replies to me during the birth. really helped during transition.

She birthed a baby boy into the water. He weighed 7lbs 12oz, 21 inches and will be named later. Mama and baby are doing well, she last tweeted about an hour ago “I am holding my newborn. He smells so sweet. And has a perfect latch…”

If you’re on Twitter and want to follow she is @1beautifulsol

I was smiling like I had just given birth. Thank you Sol Mama for sharing the birth of moonbeam with us!

Welcome earthside little one.


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