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World Doula Week: Screening Doula!

Are you tired of all this talk about Doulas from me lately? No – that’s great! It’s World Doula Week. It started yesterday on the 22nd, which is also the Spring Equinox, which represents the return of fertility in many cultures around the world.

So what is Word Doula Week all about?  It’s about raising awareness of Doulas, and celebrating their work.
I first heard the term Doula when I was pregnant with my first. I like to think that two of my closest friends acted as Doulas for me.

Then I had a Doula at the birth of my second child. She was also a message therapist. She was such a lovely woman. She had a very calming spirit about her. The way she talked to me, encouraged me, and those oils…..lavender and peppermint. If I close my eyes I can smell them right now.

In case you’ve missed two of my other posts, I have an Interview With A Postpartum Doula. Laila was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions about the amazing work she does for and with families.
Then there is the Project Bellies Birth And Babies: How You Can Help Reduce The Infant Mortality Rate. Asiyah has been working on this project to raise money to train 20 Doulas in Georgia. Both articles highlight the importance of Doulas in the Black Community.

You can also read how Doulas have a significant impact on Birth and Breastfeeding.

Toni Harman and Alex Wakeford are a real life couple to a 4-year-old. They are the creators of the film Doula! A documentary of three different families and their births. The film shows up close and personal Doulas in their roles with each family at different stages of labor and birth.

There are 165 screenings of the film Doula! going on throughout the country for World Doula Week. Check the link to see if there may be a showing near you.

I have several friends that are Doulas, off and online. They inspire me. They give of their time to serve women, helping them and their families through pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period.
There are many benefits to having a Doula. I know there are a lot of links in this post, but please check them out, and feel free to share them with family and friends.

Lets show some love for the Doulas in our communities around the world.


One thought on “World Doula Week: Screening Doula!

  1. I had a lovely doula for my second birth, she was just amazing, had 7 kids of her own, but gave off this feeling of absolute calm never sensed any stress off her at all. When she arrived at my house for the birth, she took down the clock in the kitchen, got my attention between contractions, and told me ‘No more clock time, it’s labour time now.’ I really needed that, I was clockwatching and doing mental calculations up till then about when baby would be coming!

    After that, I just let go, and things really let rip. The energy of labour took over. I’ll never forget the way she supported me and was totally there for me. It was one of the inspirations for me becoming a midwife.

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