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This Milk Tastes Good! Book Review and Giveaway

LaVaon Martin – you are the winner of This Milk Tastes Good! I’ll be in contact for your mailing address. Come back to let us know what you thought of the book. Congratulations and Enjoy!


When Mama and Author Chenniah Patrick asked me if I would consider reviewing her new book, This Milk Tastes Good, I said yes without any hesitation.

Chenniah says the book was born from her singing this tune to her daughter, and as she grew older, she started humming it…..dad learned it as well!





This Milk Tastes Good! is a family-friendly nursery rhyme about breastfeeding from the baby’s point of view. This book features a black family promoting breastfeeding, I love it!

I enjoyed this book for so many reasons. I’m loving the black husband and wife team. Her husband is the illustrator, and they run a publishing company together. This book shows images of nursing in public as displayed on the cover. The pictures are bright and colorful, and the words are nice and big. I even like the font they used.

I love the drawings of mom and dad babywearing, dad wearing a shirts that supports breastfeeding. And a black family doing what is normal and natural. Breastfeeding! My kids really enjoyed flipping through this book, and having me read it to them.

A few lines from the book….

“This milk tastes good. This milk tastes yummy.”
My mama feeds me. She puts food in my tummy.”

Chenniah is set to record a YouTube video for the book so we can all hear the tune to the rhyme.


To enter the giveaway – leave a comment telling us about one of your favorite breastfeeding moments. If your child is older, what do they tell you your breastmilk tastes like?

The winner will be announced within this post next Thursday at Noon EST.

An email address is required(only visible to me)so I can contact you for your mailing address.

21 thoughts on “This Milk Tastes Good! Book Review and Giveaway

  1. I am soooooo EXCITED About this book. I learned about it from FB a couple of weeks ago. This is long over do. WE have go to create the things for ourselves and I applaud this couple for doing just that. I am ordering my copy today 🙂

  2. Mine was about 8 years ago when my oldest son asked me why the baby was sucking on my chest and I had to explain to him about breastfeeding and how the baby eats from my breast. At first he looked at me really strange but in the days to come he realized and was more accepting if it.

    Another was about two years ago, I was at an LSCO meeting at my older sons’ school, it was feeding time for the baby so u politely covered myself and the baby up. The man that was suiting next to me must had noticed that the baby had disappeared under the blanket and asked what I was doing. I replied, feeding the baby. He was so appauld by me breastfeeding that he left the meeting in such disgust. I thought with him being from the South that he would be more accepting of breastfeeding.

    • 2nd story. Why was that man all up in your business like that anyway? My understanding is that the south has some of the bigger stigmas surrounding breastfeeding.

  3. This book looks so cute. Yay to having a breastfeeding black family. My little boy is 6 months, so he is too young to verbally how he enjoys breastfeeding.
    My funniest breastfeeding moment came yesterday. I went to the Great Cloth Diaper Change at this cool store in Manhattan called Metro Minis. Some of the mommies were breastfeeding and I did so with my son. I looked over to my left. One of the little girls, she might have been five months. Was watching me breastfeeding and licking her lips right at me wanting to get some milk. I swear if her mom hadn’t been there, she would of tried to give my son the boot to get my milk herself.

  4. I struggled to breastfeed my daughter, however, she went along since there was milk coming in. One day during our feeding session, she latched on with vigor and sucked like her life depended on it, which it did. I literally felt the milk coming out like sipping juice with a straw. When I looked at her to see if there was something different happening today, she had a frown on her eyebrows and held on to my shirt with her left hand. She was sucking so intensely, it looked like she was eating my breast angrily. LOL. My baby has since died from SIDS. But everytime I see that picture, it brings a smile to my face. It reminds me of the love between us, and the many memorable moments we shared.

    brows and held on to my shirt with her

  5. Just bought 3 copies of the book! I am a sista nurse-midwife,having worked in urban midwifery for 20+ years,I can’t tell you how happy I’m to see this book, and how,sad I am for,the abysmal breastfeeding rates among our sistas.. If you could only hear the reasons,excuses,etc I’ve heard about why no breastfeeding. Anyway,ecstatic about the book,and will write a review! Thank you!

    • That’s awesome! I have heard some of the reasons black women don’t breastfeed. Another reason I think books like this are so important. Come back and let us know what you thought of it?

  6. I asked my Lil guy who is almost four and was breastfed til almost 3 what did mommie’s milk taste like and he said Peanut butter and Honey very enthusiastically LOL.

    • Can’t wait to read your review. I forgot to add this in my post….my son saw the picture of the baby nursing, and he said “baby! Bites!” That’s what he calls nursing. So cute.

  7. So I was sitting in a restaurant feeding my baby…i learned a new trick of wearing a tank and an over shirt (thanks Toya) so I can at least have the top of my breast covered while I’m feeding Nadia. Well I’m sitting there talking to my friend and I notice several people are looking at me with these not so nice looks on their faces. In my head I am daring someone to say something to me about breastfeeding my child in public…however…i look down, Nadia has fallen asleep and unlatched and my nipple is politely waving to the patrons to the restaurant. Now I’m pro public breastfeeding but i think that was a bit overboard!!! lol (still praying no one took pics!!!)

    • Ahahaha! I wear tanks under my shirts too. Started doing that with my 2nd. Your baby fell asleep milk drunk. Thanks for sharing that story with us.

  8. =) One of my best nursing moments was the first time I realized that my son loved his mommy milk above anything else! I began feeding him food at 9 months…and he hated it. My son did not want any form of food BUT his good old natural mommy milk! Awww I miss BF, I can’t wait to get to do it again one day soon!

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