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Infant and Maternal Mortality in the Black Community. When Will You Care?

I found this article this on infant and maternal mortality in the Black Community. They study focused on California and New York, but the issues highlighted run deep all over this country.

I liked the article and linked to it on Facebook and Twitter. I love that instead of the same old drivel about the rate being 2-4 times higher than that of white mothers and babies, they actually discussed the why, how, and what we can do to start working on this issue.

This Facebook page picked it up and shared it. You know what happened? It sat there for 3+ hours with no comments, not one like. You could say oh, it’s just Facebook, don’t get your panties in a bunch. This is the same as walking past a pregnant or laboring woman in trouble and doing absolutely nothing!

Don’t really know why I’m so surprised. This same thing keeps happening in various ways.

Here’s an example of one.

There was the ‘Get Karen There’ to send a white woman and her staff to Haiti. They went Beyond their goal…over $1000.
There was also the ‘Atlanta Bellies Project’ They reached $30.

I’m not a Doula, student midwife, or anything close. I’m a Black mother of three Black children, two girls and one boy. I don’t have a lot of money, infact, economically speaking….I would be considered poor.

I really want to know when will you care? When it’s your friend, someone you work with? When your son ends up with your half black grandchild? When you end up pregnant with a half black child?

When will you see these posts, statistics, articles, and do something about it? How can you call yourself a birth worker, or birth activist, and sit by while innocent black babies die at an alarming rate?

When will you be able to step outside of yourself to help a community and movement you claim to care so much about? Or is it that you only care when it concerns you?
You can say it doesn’t matter because we all bleed red, but it matters a lot.
You say your all about mothers and babies, but the truth is, as long as they aren’t black mothers and babies.

Racism plays a direct role in infant and maternal health. Simply being a Black Women puts me at risk, it puts my friends and our daughters at risk.

What is it going to take? We as a Black Community are going back to taking care of our own. Unfortunately it’s worse than climbing an uphill battle.
We take a step forward and someone sits at the top trying to knock us down. It really makes me sick.

Like someone said several months ago…”when allies fail.”
Things like the entire board of Black Midwives resign when allies fail.

I wish I had the time, money, and resources so I could do more. I’m one woman, one mother, doing what I can. Instances like this make me want to throw my hands up and leave me wondering why do I even bother?

9 thoughts on “Infant and Maternal Mortality in the Black Community. When Will You Care?

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  4. Stay outraged, stay angry, stay focused, stay UP!! and Stay encouraged!! Sista this is a big big big battle. One that unfortunatley many dont realize we are even fightiing which is why we continue to loose. I am my sisters keeper and I’m walking with you!! *Fist up*

    • I’m realizing that more and more. It’s ironic that we’re in this alone…..considering that black women were the ones who started midwifery, and others learned from us. We were pushed out and are having the hardest time being recognized.

  5. In 2012? These statistics sound make it seem like we’re still in the days of slavery. But we’re supposed to be beyond that. This is sad.

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