Unassisted Birth Video

I have always loved watching birth videos. This is one of my favorites that I watched when I was pregnant with Samuel.
They don’t show the actual birth, but it’s still beautiful. The moments of her pregnancy and labor that they do show are so precious.

I like this video because she seemed centered and calm during her pregnancy and the birth. Happy, and patiently waiting for her child to arrive.

Do you have a favorite birth video? If so feel free to share the link in the comments, or even the Facebook wall.

Aja From Kindred the Family Soul on Homebirth.

You may have seen/heard this video and interview with Tom Joyner floating around the internet the past few days. Aja from Kindred the Family Soul. She and her husband welcomed their sixth child not too long ago.  She had a homebirth(this wasn’t her first one) and that is what she talked about on the radio show. They discussed how  homebirths have increased by 20% for white women, but not for black women. How midwives are an option for the black community, many people don’t even know what a midwife is, and if they do know, they aren’t aware that a midwife could be an option for them.

I really enjoyed watching this video. It took me back to my two homebirths. I also loved seeing a black family talk about not only birth in a positive way, but homebirth. I know it’s not for everyone, but I love homebirth so it makes me super giddy watching this. It was truly a family affair. To me they captured what homebirth is really about. Letting mom labor, being able to move about, having the family with you if you choose. Being relaxed, feeling safe, allowing your body and baby to work together in their own time. Seeing the kids gather around their new sibling. Those are magical moments. It’s a beautiful thing. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

From Aja speaking about the beauty of homebirth.

For some reason when you say the word homebirth, especially to black folks it conjures up some vision of an outhouse in the woods, a screaming sweating mother and an old lady holding tattered blankets with a pan of hot water. I don’t judge though because I was once that person.

Six is It- Episode 6 (The Birth) from Sixisit Episodes on Vimeo.

Homebirth Documentary Project

I tried to get this post up yesterday. Not sure why I was having so much trouble. I love this short documentary.
A husband and wife and their children talk about the benefits of homebirth. There are two parts.
They talk about how normal and natural birth is. The role of the midwife, support of family, and the mind-body connection.

Part 1

Part 2