Midwives of Color Board Resigns From Midwives Alliance of North America

On May 21st MANA {Midwives Alliance of North America} announced first via Facebook and Twitter that several key Midwives of Color(including the chair)had resigned from the organization.

“It is with heavy hearts that the Midwives Alliance today received the resignation of several key members of the MANA Midwives of Color (MOC) Section, including the Chair. MANA is fully aware of its history of privilege and the issues related to cultural and systemic hierarchies in decision-making. We are committed to working towards a structural change in the way our organization operates in light of the repeated failures to address the needs of our midwives of color. We recognize the disproportionate impact of perinatal disparities and poor outcomes for women, infants and communities of color. MANA has an ongoing responsibility to address these issues in order to fulfill our mission of providing a professional organization for all midwives.”

A day or two later it was placed on the front page of their website.
The responses have ranged from outrage, to sadness, and disbelief.

You can read the resignation here.

What does this mean for the organization? What does this mean for our communties of color? Maybe this will be the wake up call that is needed for people to realize the work that needs to be done for minorities women and children….. but it shouldn’t have had to come to this.

We obviously have a long way to in addressing the disparities in minorities where birth is concerned.

I have more to say, but I keep finding more and more information that makes me sad and angry. For that reason I’m going to hold off on posting the rest of my thoughts.

For now I’ll leave you with the resignation letter. Please share your thoughts in the comments.