Beyonce Breastfeeding {In Public} Is A Big Deal

If you haven’t heard yet –  Beyonce was spotted breastfeeding Blue Ivy at a restaurant with Jay -Z.
The internet has been buzzing with the news for the past two days. There is an article in the Huffington Post and USA Today.

Kimberly Seals Allers’ of Mocha Manual wrote an excellent post titled – Dear White Women: Beyonce is Our Breastfeeding Moment. Please Step Aside. She makes some powerful statements to white breastfeeding advocates in her post. If  you don’t read anything else I’ve linked to in this post, Kimberly’s is the one to read.

You may sit there thinking “Why should I care what a celebrity does or doesn’t do?” I guess you shouldn’t care, but there are many people who do. So many young women with and without kids look up to Beyonce. She’s been a role model for a very long time. I’m enjoying the comments talking about how wonderful it is that she’s breastfeeding her baby, how beautiful, and natural it is. I’m bothered by the comments saying that women need to cover up when nursing in public.

I’m sure she’s not breastfeeding Blue in public to make a statement, but she’s made a big statement. Every woman who nurses her baby in public is making a statement. I know that’s not what nursing in public is about…but this is 2012 and we are still having the same old argument. To cover or not while nursing in public? I still don’t understand why people get so offended by nursing in public, and why is it even called that! Nursing in Public. When we are eating lunch at the park no one says “oh look, that mom is eating her lunch in public”  Then there is “Why can’t they do that in the bathroom?”  Well, why don’t YOU go eat YOUR food in the bathroom?

Babies get hungry and we feed them. It’s really as simple as that. If my or any mother meeting her child’s needs in public bothers you, by all means look the other way.

I nursed my first baby in the bathroom many times. I was ashamed and scared to nurse her at the table with my friends. Do you know how I wish all of these women that are in my life now were there back then? It sure isn’t a problem I have now….and thanks to Beyonce, hopefully it won’t be a problem for other women, especially black women.

Yes, Beyonce Breastfeeding {In Public} Is a BIG Deal!

p.s. love that she’s babywearing too.